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Is a holistic and metabolic health coach,with over thirty years of training and research in the culinary industry.  Her passion is living a lifestyle where health and wellness thrive.

Isra opened Mint Porch Cafe to provide balanced and nutritious meals to her clients and community, with an emphasis on spiritual and physical alignment.

Leading by example Chef Isra is ready to personally guide you to experience your own success. 

About Us

Holistic Wellness & Fresh Dining in Brooklyn NY

At Mint Porch Cafe, we are passionate about fostering a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. Founded by holistic health coach Isra Gordon, we combine delicious food with a focus on overall well-being. Our mission is to nourish both body and spirit, serving as a hub where every meal is a step toward a healthier, more radiant you. Join us now to get started on the road to wellness!


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Mint Porch Cafe

Welcome to Nourishing Dining in Brooklyn NY

Mint Porch Cafe is your local haven for wholesome living. We are dedicated to crafting delicious, nutrient-rich meals complemented by our transformative wellness programs. With guidance from Isra Gordon, a seasoned holistic health coach, we strive to uplift your body, mind, and spirit, offering expert advice on your journey toward optimal health.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. Our café is designed to be a warm, inviting space where every guest feels like a part of our vibrant, health-conscious community.

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At Mint Porch Cafe, we are dedicated to fostering a holistic and vibrant lifestyle through nourishing meals and personalized wellness programs. Led by experienced health coach Isra Gordon, we prioritize fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and compassionate guidance. Choose us to embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, more balanced, and radiant version of yourself in the heart of Brooklyn, NY.

Only reliable local farmers and suppliers provide us with the freshest, highest-quality ingredients.

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